Motor Cycle Group Riding

Basic Rules For Riding In A Group

1. When you change lanes, go to the far side of the lane so someone else can also change lanes. Example: If you are on the left side of the right lane, when you move to the left lane, go all the way over to the left side of the lane.

2. When coming to a turn on a regular road, (for a twistie road see rule 5) drop into a single file line. You should communicate either before the ride or during the ride with the bike beside you about who is going to go first and who will drop in behind.

3. Learn the hand signals. The basic ones that we use are:

A. Hand tapping top of helmet: There's a cop.
B. Pointing frantically to the ground with hand or foot: There's something in the road on that side.
C. Left arm extended and bent 90 degrees with closed fist: We are about to make a final turn in and stop
D. Left Arm extended and bent 90 degrees with open hand: Right turn.
E. Left arm straight out: Left turn
F. Left arm extended out and slightly waving up and down with open hand: slow down or possible stop.
G. Someone flashing all five fingers of one hand at you: you forgot to turn off your blinker.
H. One leg extended to side of bike: That person is about to change lanes in that direction. (I personally prefer and use blinkers, but you need to know this one.)
I. Pointing to the gas tank: I need gas.
J. Pointing to your stomach: I need food.

K. Pointing at your crotch:  "I need a bl*w j*b", also can mean "you can bl*w me" or "right here beeyatch"

L.  Doing the Macarena:  "I am a moron"

M.  Taking pictures while on riding a motorcycle:  See "Doing the Macarena"

4. It is not uncool to use your blinkers to change lanes. The first night I rode with a large group, everyone was sticking out their legs and changing lanes. I'm thinking we're cruising between 80 and 140mph so I'm just going to have to look like a dork and use my blinkers just so there is no mistake about what I'm about to do because the last thing I wanted was to get ran over. As soon as I started using my blinkers, half the people in the group did also.

5. When you're on a twisty rode with a group, ride in a single file line and DO NOT ride above you're skill level! I have ridden with many different groups and they always wait at the end of the rode for everyone and usually do a head count to make sure no one went down. Take it easy, we will wait for you, rather than wait for you then bury you.

6. Don't go flying by someone at high speed in the same lane as they are in unless you know them and they have told you that it is ok. Please go by in a different lane.

7. If you want to stunt, go out front and every one try to pick one or two lanes to stunt in. Most experienced stunters do this, this is for the inexperienced. It is much better to get in front before you do a wheelie, etc. Riding up through a pack on your rear wheel is not the safest thing in the world.

8. When you first ride with a large group or an unfamiliar group, I suggest you stay in back and on whatever side that has an escape route. You need to be thinking what will I do if someone in front of me goes down. It does happen!

9. When the group puts the hammer down and it comes time for you to decelerate, if you don't brake and just let off the throttle, make sure that you tap your brake a couple of times so that the bikes behind you will know your slowing down.

10. Wear protective gear. At the least you should have a jacket, helmet, gloves, and ankle boots.

11. Make sure your bike is registered and you have a valid license, etc..

12. Be gassed up when we meet.

13. Emergency cards with all of your information and Emergency Contact info. Trust me on this one. It would have helped when Eddie passed, rather then me, Rob, Brett and Freddie telling the cops we didn't know who to call, etc.

14. Occasionally when turning a bike might pull out to turn but in intersection... he is stopping to create a barrier so cars know to stop and allow the group to turn into the road.. be aware for this.....He will then rejoin as the last bike.

15. If you peel off during a group ride let someone know. We’ll be looking for you. It’s a real drag.

16. When following do not focus on person in front of you keep them in peripheral vision and focus ahead. (IE. Don't Target Fixate!)

17.  If someone says "I own this road" then trust them.  Your two options are that s/he actually knows what they are talking about and you're gonna get hurt if you challenge them, OR this clown has something to prove and is gonna get hurt to prove a point - either way, stay clear

18.  It isn't a race.  Check your ego at the garage and don't bring it with you.  Pushing yourself on public streets is irresponsible and will get you killed.  You don't have the right to endanger other people, if someone is slower than you then pass on a straight, if you are slower then let yourself be passed.

19.  Pictures are cool, we all like to see ourselves in photos.  ASK before posting to the web and never, ever, ever take photos of someone's license plate.  The last thing you want is a friend in trouble with the girlfriend he told he was visiting his sick aunt, when a picture pops up with him on the web.

If there is an accident..

A) Don't' move the rider unless he cannot breath/impeded helmet in water puddle. mud etc.. (helmet came off something in his mouth)..then keep the neck straight as possible..

B) Know CPR.

C) do not pull out anything impaled braches etc... leave them in as pulling them out you may allow more bleeding

D) know how to use a tourniquet.

E) Call an ambulance be on safe side.

F) Search for emergency card inside jacket inside or under seat.

G) Turn off bike. shut off lanes of traffic place bike in lanes etc if necessary....
H) Find out where they are taking rider.

I) When cops show up.. Have a plan on what you’re going to tell them, as a group. Everyone has to agree on what you’re going to say. That's all I'm going to say about this.

J) Don't' take off helmet!! Make sure it goes with them to hospital for docs.
Keep talking to them if concussed etc.. don't' let them get up etc..

K) Use your head.